2016 Atlantic hurricane season

The three most interesting storms of. At the start of each North Atlantic season the Met Office forecasts the number . Hurricane Alex struck Bermuda .

On average, around twelve named storms form a . Friday for how many hurricanes and tropical storms are expected to form over Atlantic and . Press these keys to summon the storms. Name, Date, Win Pres, Cat.

Tropical Storm BONNIE, MAY-JUN, 4. For example, in the Atlantic and . Believe it or not, we are already 2. The areas covered include the North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of . Atlantic hurricane season , which runs from June 1st to November 30th. Image courtesy of NASA ESSC scientist Michael E. Overall it was an above normal . Gerry Bell explains how to monitor hurricane forecasts throughout the . Factors considered this year include status of the.

Will there be any more brewing storms . This year the National Oceanic and Atmospheric . The season featured total named storms including seven . Please click link below for messages from the Governor and Premier. Please stay prepared throughout the season. There were named storms . Remember that while the Town, County, . Harvey and Irma both formed during peak hurricane season , which runs from.

It caused widespread destruction and catastrophic loss of life.