2016 Hurricane season dates

These dates historically describe the period each year when most tropical . For example, in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, the term “ hurricane ” is used. It helps illuminate the Disney World (and Florida) hurricane season more.

Saturday is considered by some to be the “peak” of the Atlantic hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from Jun. Name, Strength, Dates , Areas Affected. Although Caribbean hurricane season runs from June through November, the .

Batten down the hatches, hurricane season is around the corner. The Weather Company said its numbers included the four tropical storms to date. Hurricane Matthew, which devastated Haiti and then went . Discover the weather-related pitfalls hurricanes can bring to your vacation,. See the most up-to- date list of cruise itinerary changes and cancellations. A strong El Nino year usually transitions quickly to La Nina, which can signal more Atlantic hurricanes.

It battered the Bahamas in early October and gave the . Next Seasonal Forecast Release Date. Cyclone Energy are issued during the peak three months of the Atlantic hurricane season from August-October.

Factors considered this year include status of the. The peak of hurricane season has arrived. The official end of hurricane season is November 3 but storms can and have occurred after that date.

The areas covered include the North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of . The bahamas hurricane season can de-rail many trips, but you can be prepared by planning right and buying travel insurance to protect from cancellations. A near-normal hurricane season is expected in the Atlantic Ocean this year, with. Based on long-term averages, in an average season about twelve (12) storms are.

Five storms to date but still long droughts in the Atlantic, plus NOAA and.