2016 Hurricane season names

Alex Bonnie Colin Danielle Earl Fiona Gaston Hermine Igor Julia Karl Lisa Matthew Nicole Otto Paula . The purpose of naming storms is for identification during the season. The names of particularly strong and destructive storms are retired to avoid confusion in .

President Barack Obama is urging the public to prepare for the coming hurricane season and warning against. Atlantic hurricane season ends as the deadliest in more than years. With Matthew and Otto now retire there are names that have . From Alex to Wendy: How do hurricanes get their names and what names are coming up?

Hurricane Season begins about which hurricane names will . Central America and kept its name in . Atlantic basin or Caribbean each tropical storm name will become . Below is the list of the other names. New for hurricane season : No- name storms to get watches and warnings. The first name on the tropical storm list has already been used. Second ever non-hurricane storm name among retired.

This years list of names comes no different than any other year. I also remember that we ran out of names and had to use Greek letters to name the storms.

Upcoming names include Bonnie, Colin, Danielle and Earl. Three names retired from hurricane season use. Chris Bonanno, FLORIDA TODAY Published 3:p. Storm names are re-used every six years, unless retired for the . The names Matthew and Otto have been retired as tropical cyclone names.

Called different names in different parts of the worl these storms are powerful and deadly. I predict hurricane hermine will be our swell maker. One of the reasons why propaganda tries to get you to hate .