Active hurricanes

Hurricane Irma RSS Feed icon . The season officially begins on June.

Download tracking maps, research hurricane facts, and . Tropical storms Jose and Katia strengthened Wednesday afternoon, bringing the number of hurricanes churning in the Atlantic basin to three. The government of Mexico has issued . The map above includes active storms for the North Atlantic and East Pacific.

The Atlantic basin has three active hurricanes for the first time in seven years. On Wednesday afternoon, Tropical Storm Katia, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico, was officially . The last time there were three active in . The tropics are active with three systems developing all at once. Mercifully, only one of them threatens the U. For the first time in seven years, three hurricanes are spinning. While Irma keeps our attention, two new hurricanes have also formed. Doggyboi all of them are hurricanes.

This marks the first time in seven years that three hurricanes have.

The Cape Verde hurricane season in the Atlantic basin is also ramping up. Monitor tropical storms and hurricanes and get storm safety and. They use to call them Summer Scaws but there has always been hurricanes and there always will be.

No matter how many recycled bags you . Three hurricanes are active in the Tropics. National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center forecasts six to nine hurricanes —including as many as five major hurricanes with wind speeds . There are now three active hurricanes in the Atlantic basin: Irma, Jose . Now Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes on recor is battering. October, the most active months of the six-month hurricane season.