Am i in an evacuation zone

Find out if you are in an evacuation zone ahead of Hurricane Irma. In the past, evacuation zones have been primarily based on the category of . For the latest information on Hurricane Irma, visit the Miami Herald’s hurricane page.

Miami-Dade orders coastal evacuation as Hurricane Irma threatens. These county-wide evacuation route and zone maps are based upon the most up -to-date regional evacuation studies and are intended for . Click on the link below to see if your evacuation zone map is available online. Even if you have lived in St.

Know your zone: Tampa Bay-area evacuation zones and routes. HURRICANE Irma has prompted evacuations in Florida as the deadly. Friday, September ahead of Hurricane Irma.

The county recommended those who live in . In Georgia, communities closest to the Atlantic coast are organized into evacuation zones based . Find evacuation and emergency information for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland and Bradenton. Polk County has no evacuation zones.

Johns Park and the Haw Creek.

What part of Virginia is covered by the new tiered evacuation zones and the Know Your Zone. Evacuation Routes and Zones. SOUTHWEST FLORIDA evacuation maps and zones that show color-coded areas for each hurricane evacuation zone. Lee County has their own interactive map of evacuation zones. Pinellas County expanded its mandatory evacuations to Zone B,.

Woodard said during the a. These are the following areas now included in the evacuation zones. Residents can leave before their evacuation zone time begins if desired. With evacuations likely to be issued for some areas of the First Coast ahead. Find your evacuation zone ahead of Hurricane Irma. The City of Tampa interactive Natural Hazards Map is designed to provide you with an easy view of evacuation zones and flood zones for your home, business,.

The SC Emergency Management Division is asking people toward the coast to Know Their Zone if they have to evacuate.