Car in garage during tornado

Is it in our Honda Odyssey in the garage , wearing seat-belts? With that in min compiled below are five of the top tornado myths debunked. Sharp objects like saws, screwdrivers, etc?

Things that can fly through the air and kill you? I say that being in the car , in the garage , with the ignition on (airbags engaged). The airbags would be useless during the tornado itself.

In the space where the family parks their car , they found their storm.

Couple watches as storm shelter lifts out of garage during storm. Honestly, I am not making this . Remember, though, you need to have your tornado plan in place BEFORE. Look what flying debris likely did to the car window below. Garage doors are often damaged or destroyed by flying debris, allowing strong . How to make sure your coverage is ready in case your car is damaged.

Local malls, for example, usually have parking garages where you could park if you. Never seek shelter in cars in the parking lot or parking garage. Back your car into the garage , or park it in an open space facing the direction of escape.

Fierce wind sweeps car and driver backward and rips apart garage. Helen Tweedy repeatedly attacked her husband Neil during their . My thought is to hide in the car in my enclosed garage. In order be as safe as possible during hurricane conditions,.

That depends on the tornado and the exact configuration of your house and the land. The options for shelters are many: above-groun below-groun mounted in the garage , on the patio,. If possible, use open ground away from trees and cars , which can be blown onto you.