Category 4 hurricane

Severe structural damage to frame homes, apartments, and shopping centers should be expected. Category , Sustained Winds, Types of Damage Due to Hurricane Winds. Catastrophic damage will occur:.

Meteorologist Amy Freeze is tracking Irma and Josh Einiger has the latest from Naples, Florida. Hurricane Irma weakens as it crosses the Florida coast but the storm is. There is the potential for Irma to ramp up to an even . Petersburg after making landfall twice, swamping the Keys and .

Eyewall hits archipelago with maximum sustained winds near 1mph ahead of expected landfall near St. The hurricane made landfall on Marco Island . Streets emptied across the . Currently packing maximum sustained . Little was heard from the islands for hours afterward . Irma’s northern eyewall reached the lower Florida Keys and the U. Gusts of 91mph have already been recorded at Key West with 71mph . Irma decreases in strength, statewide power outages. With Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the U.

South Florida appears virtually certain to escape a . How to donate to Red Cross Hurricane Harvey relief. Battered by Harvey, Houston braces for even more flooding. Hurricane Jose, a powerhouse tropical cyclone barreling northwest toward the Caribbean islands already hammered by Irma, is now a little . Hurricane Jose was upgraded after it shows sustained winds of more than 1miles per hour, the NHC said.

LATEST: Hurricane warning as Irma approaches Florida. The NHC confirmed Jose had been.