Causes of storm surge

A storm surge is possibly one of the most dramatic weather events in the UK. One major cause of hurricane damage is storm surge. The water level rises where the winds are strongest.

This rise in water level can cause extreme flooding in coastal areas particularly when storm surge coincides with normal high tide, resulting in storm tides . The low pressure of the storm has minimal contribution! The same physics apply to storm surges caused by European weather systems ( extra-tropical cyclones) and tropical cyclones (hurricanes). Storm surge was the main cause of death during Hurricane Katrina.

According to The National Hurricane Center, a storm surge is often the greatest threat to. In fact, it can be the most dangerous part of any hurricane, and it is only . They are one of the major sources of damage caused by hurricanes. The general public often confuses this phenomenon with observed sea level, . HURRICANE IRMA is set to bringer monster storm surges to the. Across coastal Florida, the dreaded storm surge from Hurricane Irma — caused when ferocious winds pile up ocean water and push it onshore . Forget the high winds—a hurricane’s storm surge is most likely to kill you.

A hurricane’s storm surge has the deadly potential to catch people off guard. As Hurricane Irma makes its way north across Florida, officials warn that storm surge is likely in certain areas.

An aerial view showing damage caused by Hurricane Irma Tortola. Charleston is awash with storm surge and rain, as seawater rushes over . Tropical- storm-force wind gusts are being recorded across Georgia, . Jacksonville, in northeastern Florida, saw record-breaking storm surge. All that wind damages houses and causes power outages once it.

Even tropical storms can cause major coastal flooding. The surge effect from wind is much higher than that caused by low pressure. For video troubleshooting and help.