Defra rabies vaccination

You must get your dog, cat or ferret vaccinated against rabies before it can travel. The blood test will continue to be valid as long as your pet’s rabies vaccinations are kept up to date. Section V – Vaccination against rabies : Must be completed by an OV, but the OV stamp should.

UK days after their rabies vaccination. It is vitally important to view the most current detailed advice on DEFRA Pet Travel. Microchipping and rabies vaccination can be done on the same or separate.

Rabies vaccines vary from country to country.

UK should be microchippe vaccinated against rabies and. Pets must be vaccinated against rabies after the microchip and hold a. Your dog, like other pet dogs, will need to be vaccinated against rabies for travel. You are advised to check with your Official Veterinarian, the DEFRA Pet . Foreign travel and rabies vaccination. The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). Your cat must be vaccinated against Rabies.

Check with the practice or DEFRA in plenty of time before planning to travel. They had to have been microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies.

DEFRA can advise the current regulations for the county concerned. The rabies vaccination for puppies does not work if they are aged under 15. A pet passport or third country certificate showing that the pet has been micro chipped and an up to date rabies vaccination or booster. A RABIES VACCINATION must be given after microchipping.

Defra Pet Travel Scheme helpline . You must wait days from the date of the rabies vaccination before. Oral vaccination proved to be the answer to controlling rabies in wild. You can see the DEFRA list here . If you book your pet to travel with PBS, we will apply for the DEFRA export health.

All cats and dogs travelling to the UAE must be vaccinated against rabies at . Following the rabies vaccination and completion of an EU Pet Passport . DEFRA website for more up-to-date and comprehensive information about.