Describe a tornado

The skies were whispering to the world about the danger that was about to unleash destruction upon everything that came in its way. Things tornado often describes (“ tornado ______”). It picked up houses like they were nothing and disintegrated them in the air.

Cloud of origin ‎: ‎ Cumulonimbus ‎, ‎ Funnel ‎ or ‎ Wall Effect ‎: ‎ Death ‎, ‎ injury ‎, and ‎ damage Adjectives for tornado adjective1. Tornadoes are rotating columns of air that make contact with the. Start studying Tornado Vocabulary.

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The moisture condenses into clouds and . Locals describe tornado experience. Devastating, war zone, fierce, incredible. This is how locals have described the . Synonyms for tornado at Thesaurus.

Dictionary and Word of the Day. Before the advent of railroads, how did . Tornado is sometimes used to describe someone or something that acts like a . The term cyclone was used to describe anything that rotated .

A basic glossary of tornado terminology. A tornado is one of the most dramatic manifestations of severe weather. Several indices have been developed to describe tornado strength, including the. The average tornado moves southwest to northeast, but tornadoes have been known to.

According to the National Weather Service, Fis the highest category of . Error loading player: No playable sources found. Ashley Rodrigue talks to residents . Know the county or parish in which you live.