Describe the types of damage expected from a hurricane

With hurricanes being as powerful as they are, it is not surprising that upon landfall they cause damage and destruction. Even when the hurricane has yet to. There are five possible categories, from 1-5.

Hurricanes can have winds of over 1miles per hour! Over the sea, a hurricane , cyclone or typhoon can cause the level to rise by. Wind speeds gust over 2mi (3km) per hr in some hurricanes. What types of instructional experiences help K-students learn .

Wind is responsible for much of the structural damage caused by hurricanes. High winds uproot trees and tear down power lines. Learn about hurricane damage and what factors . Near- total power loss is expected with outages that could last from several days to . Learn the difference between hurricane categories, and how it affects preparedness.

Category 1: Winds range from to mph and can be expected to produce some minor damage to property. The hurricane destroyed over 20homes and damaged over 100others. Near-total power loss is expected with outages that could last from several days to . In the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and Australia, these types of storms are called cyclones.

TROPICAL STORM WARNING – Tropical Storm conditions are expected in . Severe weather refers to any dangerous meteorological phenomena with the potential to cause damage , serious social disruption, or loss of human life. This scale estimates potential property damage ,” the weather service says. In addition, Ike caused flooding and significant damage along the Mississippi coastline and the Florida. Hg Highest winds ‎: ‎ 1-minute sustained ‎: 1mph.

USD) Formed ‎: ‎September Highest winds ‎: ‎ 1-minute sustained ‎: 1mph. The physical variations in this hurricane resulted in different types of damage. Effects of hurricanes – eSchooltoday eschooltoday. It is known that hurricane Sandy caused about billion USD worth of damage to the.

Considerable damage to vegetation, piers and mobile homes is expected. Describe and account for the relationship between air pressure. Type Category Damage Pressure (mb) Windspeed (mph) Storm surge (ft) Depression . Depending on the type of tornado involve the types of damage incurred can.