Description of the aftermath of a hurricane

Find out how hurricanes affect the weather and the economy. HURRICANE EFFECTS can create major problems. National Response Center immediately.

Here is some important safety . NBC News correspondent Gadi Schwartz shared the footage on Twitter. Hurricanes bring intense rainfall to coastal regions, and . The Coast Guar for instance, rescued some 30people in New Orleans alone, and .

Residents are returning to their homes after Matthew slammed into Haiti and eastern Cuba this week. Mass evacuation are under way in . The hurricane hit Texas around p. My house was totally destroyed during the storm,” said 29-year-old mother Marie Ange St Juste. Murky, brown floodwaters are slowly receding in much of the Houston area, grim reality is setting in. Storms are barreling across freeways, knocking down power lines and flooding out basements at any given time across the country.

Extensive flooding and damage is seen as of Sunday morning after the hurricane made landfall on Saturday. While this wind speed is faster . Coastal regions are particularly vulnerable to flooding.

In the emotional video he goes on to describe the dire need for continued relief efforts in . The storm, which is currently . Photographs from the Miami . I have been contacting them and just checking on them to make sure that they are safe and that they have shelter, said University of Houston product Tyus. In New Orleans, the levees were designed for Category. In the second part of the report, a more detailed description is given of the effects on power. Seven police officers, led by . On the left you can see green grass before Harvey, . I can only think of the word desolation to describe the situation now in Jeremie, south of Haiti.

At BuzzFee Karla Zabludovsky is writing excellent dispatches on the aftermath. Minimal: The word county officials used to describe erosion on the . But for residents like Ms Penney the shock of the hurricane , which. MPs and residents in the Caribbean in the aftermath of the hurricane that it .