Dhs hurricane 3 blue sponge

Medium hard Throw Angle ‎: ‎6. Good Rubber, I recommend to professionals. Product Description: BRAND NEW.

At the moment he only carries Hblue sponge. Neo National HBlue sponge. Sale on DHS Table Tennis Rubber and other table tennis (ping-pong) equipment.

People say blue sponge is better for DHS Hurricane rubber.

These rubbers comes from DHS rubber research institution. NEO Version gives the same effects as the Non-NEO HProvincials without having to use illegal speed glue. HNEO Provincial comes in 3 4 Hardness.

It is one of the best table tennis rubbers from China. Many top level players use this rubber. Advantage of rallies by NEO Hurricane 3. Blade: DHS Hurricane Long 5. Backhand: Tenergy (red) . Meine chinesische Kommilitonin besorgt mir die Dhs hnational blue sponge und den dhs neo hprovincial, sowie den Haifu Seamoon .

Menjual Tenis Meja Lainnya – dipakai oleh tim . Накладка прошла проверку на подлинность на сайте dhs , о чем . PCS Table Tennis DHS HurricaneHurricane – Pips-In Rubber Sponge Red +. DHS HurricanePips-In Table Tennis Rubber With Sponge “ Hurricane ”. Several players in the Chinese National Team use Hurricane III. Sponge review: A completely different animal. Senangtrus TT Shop, Kediri Kota.

In contrast to the commercial sheets of Hurricane III NEO…. Blue Sponge DHS HURRICANEProvincial NEO Table Tennis Rubber 2.