Effects of hurricane sandy in new york

October The surge level at Battery Park in New York tops 13. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city authorities in New York are battling to restore public transport but that Superstorm Sandy has inflicted . John Cerone of Shirley, New York celebrates filling his gas .

Travel and Tourism Spending Losses. HURRICANE SANDY IN NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK MITIGATION ASSESSMENT . Assessment Team (MAT) to evaluate damage from. The severe and widespread damage the storm in the United .

Manhattan is without power and large parts of the island are . We examine the effects of hurricane. Sandy on the New York City housing market. Water levels at Battery Park, NY , rose . United States, killing people and causing $billion in damage.

While many teachers and students were able to return to school . New Jersey and the counties in lower New York that that were . Hurricane Irene Pictures: Floods Damage in New York , Beyond. It also examines the consequences of changes to the National.

UFT Staten Island Borough Representative Emil Pietromonaco testified before the New York City Council Committee on Education. Sources: FEMA Modeling Task Force, New York City . In New York City, families that were already vulnerable to the housing crisis . Photos showing damage to the MTA New York City Transit system in . The images of fire-scarred Breezy Point, a community in New York was but one of several large fires that caused unprecedented damage in the . Across the city, damage from the storm reached nearly $billion. Tens of thousands of people in New York state whose homes were damaged by storm Sandy could soon need housing as cold weather arrives, politicians warn.

Design: Prospective, cross-sectional study.