Evacuation zone pinellas county

Storm surge levels have changed. Your evacuation zone may be impacted. Flood zones, evacuation zones , and storm surge are different.

ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE. PINELLAS COUNTY EVACUATION ZONE MAP. Evacuation zones are not the same as FEMA flood zone designations. That means that all residents in evacuation levels A, B and .

The latest order means all residents in . Find evacuation and emergency information for Tampa, St. Polk County has no evacuation zones. LINK: Find your evacuation zone (county site may be slow). Mandatory evacuations have been expanded to all residents and businesses in Level B. For most Florida counties susceptible to coastal storm surge, evacuation zones have been designated.

However, NOT all Florida counties have . You need to leave – not tonight, not in an hour,. Pinellas County has issued mandatory evacuations for .

A map of evacuation zones in Miami-Dade County. REGISTER NOW FOR HURRICANE SPECIAL NEEDS TRANSPORT. Areas shown in white are non- evacuation zones.

They measure different conditions that may not occur at the same time, are determined by different . Authorities are working hard to get people out of the danger zones. The colored areas on this map are vulnerable to storm surge. A “quick information” window will open and show the evacuation zone , as well as other information.

A look at the evacuation zones for Safety Harbor.