Facts about hurricane katrina

According to FEMA, Katrina is, the single most catastrophic natural disaster in US history. The hurricane and its aftermath claimed more than 8lives,. These hurricanes have huge amount of energy in them.

Among the powerful hurricanes that struck America is hurricane Katrina. Below are given some facts. It cost between $1- $2billion. Comparison to other hurricanes.

This edition of Facts for Features focuses on the two areas that . Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama are, . It was the most expensive natural disaster, as well as one of the five . Get information, facts , and pictures about hurricane at Encyclopedia. This powerhouse storm caused extensive damage on the Gulf . Katrina formed in the central Bahamas and moved northwest. There is more about hurricanes in the weather section of the Met Office website: Tropical cyclone facts.

Katrina was one of the most devastating hurricanes in the history of the. New Orleans has come together, and come a .

Learn more about this tropical storm that destroys . National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Important Facts You Should Know About Depression. Hurricane Sandy-related damage, including people. More Katrina coverage on AOL.

HURRICANE KATRINA FACT FILE. In fact , officials only confirmed one killing at either site: Danny Brumfiel who was . A side-by-side comparison of key demographics and health coverage statistics of the .