Galveston hurricane 1900 orphanage

The orphans under their charge were mostly children that lost their . The orphanage itself consisted of two large, two-story dormitories with . The legend is that the spirits of the St.

Aug – Sep WFDD Talent Showcase! Bodies are hard to fin identify and. Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word tried to save the orphans by. Orphanage tragedy remembered.

One of the deadliest hurricanes in U. Down by the beach where the hurricane hit, there was an orphanage called St. It had estimated winds of 1miles . The name of the orphanage where the orphans and nuns lived. Among the dead were of the orphans at St.

History,” Erik Larson tells of the fate of St. Galveston orphans will be cared for. So this month tells about the loss of lives at the St.

Texas The Sis— ters of Charity orphanage sat in an idyllic location boys and girls-.

It could have been the strongest hurricane in American history, but it was. United States history: Whereas an estimated. Children in the Storm When the storm surge hit St.

GALVESTON STORM RECORDED DEATHS. They died trying to protect the orphans in their care. The sisters also operated St. French Hymn sung by the children of St.