Harvey hurricane path

Houston received the brunt of Harvey’s rain, with parts of the city receiving more than inches (here are more detailed maps of Houston). The storm made its final landfall in East Texas and Louisiana, dropping dozens of inches of rain on Port Arthur and Beaumont on Tuesday and. Here are the latest NOAA and NHC storm track updates, .

HURRICANE Harvey is battering Texas with life-threatening flooding and gales. These maps shows where Harvey is now. The most powerful Atlantic Ocean storm in recorded history is sweeping.

F irst there was Harvey , which put much of Houston under water.

See the latest maps and forecasts below. Read the full story, and get . On Friday, the projected path kept edging west, making the risk in the . View the HARVEY storm track page. SEE ALSO: Tracking Harvey : Before-and-after images show the catastrophic flooding in . Hurricane Irma, with an official forecast track in . Where to Donate to Harvey Victims. Crazy news welcome, but current events and things to do are more welcome.

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However, the latest track shows Harvey sticking to lan but coming . Oil refineries and chemical plants are 24-hour operations. The destructive path of the hurricane began to take shape on Sunday,. SHAPIRO: Between hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Irma . Corpus Christi area, which was in the path of the storm , . In other words, Harvey and Irma are high-stakes tests for multi-million.