How big is hurricane harvey

Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since. For about two days the storm stalled just inlan dropping very heavy rainfall and causing widespread flash flooding. HURRICANE Harvey is battering Texas with life-threatening flooding and gales.

These maps shows where Harvey is now. As of Wednesday morning, the storm shifted eastward taking most of the Houston metropolitan area out of the rainfall. Catastrophic flooding is hitting Houston as tropical storm Harvey continues to stall over land. It has dumped as much as inches (66cm) of .

Harvey : Local officials said there were at least deaths in Texas so far that . The tropical storm currently smashing Texas is not your typical storm. Those islands experienced locally heavy rain . In general, rich cities such as Amsterdam have much better flood . The black line, when selecte and dots show the National Hurricane Center. Considering the combined forecast uncertainties in track, intensity, and size , the . Warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico and rising sea levels make rain heavy storms like . Irma is expected to become the second powerful storm to thrash the US mainland in as many.

The 0year storHorrifying data shows Harvey is bigger than anything the US has ever seen and reveals the destruction zone is the size of NEW JERSEY.

But forecasters suggested as much as inches of rain may fall by next . Multiple feet of rain, as much as feet of storm surge and up . That is an area as large as New York City and Chicago combined. Much higher wind gusts did occur in the city of Corpus Christi, as the Doppler . Brock Long , director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said on Monday that . Tropical storm Harvey displaces 30in Texas. But the main concern is for the town of Rockport, where the eye of the . Jump to How much damage did Harvey cause?