How do hurricane categories work

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a to rating based on a hurricane’s. Category , Sustained Winds, Types of Damage Due to Hurricane Winds . Learn about hurricane categories and what different weather alerts mean. What Hurricane Categories Really Mean. But how did the Saffir-Simpson scale come to be, and what does it mean? Saffir was working as an engineer in Florida preparing a report for the United Nations . Learn the difference between hurricane categories , and how it affects preparedness.

Hurricane category scale: How the Saffir-Simpson scale works. A category hurricane would cause devastating damage and is described as . Category Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm recorded n the Atlantic, is raging towards. What is a hurricane and how do they form?

We’re comfortable knowing that a Category hurricane is serious, and a. The project he’s working on, the Cyclone Damage Potential Index, was. It looks at the potential damage that a storm could do to buildings on land or . A Category hurricane is likely to do 5times more damage than a Category 1. About 2World War I veterans working on a WPA road . Irma is now a category hurricane , but what do the categories mean, exactly? Hurricane categories are based on wind speed.