How long does it take to get a pet passport

Does anybody know how long it takes to get the pet passport once the microchipping and rabies have been done? We have to take Mia back to . Taking pets abroad on holiday or to live – pet passports , PETS travel scheme,.

You can get one from certain vets in EU countries, and other countries the UK accepts. To find out more about the general situation in Europe, go to. It will last for the lifetime of the pet as long as the rabies vaccination is kept up to date.

The first thing to do is to find out the requirements to bring your pet.

PBS Pet Travel reveal all you need to know to take your pet abroad. This is in recognition of the fact that the vaccine takes time to take effect and offer protection to the pet. OV stamp (as this does not contain the required information) but.

You do need this for unlisted countries but not for those within the EU. Some countries that take part in the scheme have extra requirements that you must comply with. The EU pet passport replaces the UK PETS certificate, and applies to movement of dogs, cats and ferrets between Member States. You may also need to buy an authorised pet travel carrier so that your dog can travel safely and securely. If we take our dog to UK on holiday do we have to also see vet in UK before we return.

It is now much easier to bring your dog on holiday to the EU but it still requires some forward planning.

How to get an EU Pet Passport in Ireland. The longest direct flight we do is for pets to fly to Los Angeles and that is around hours. Whether it be pet passports , import permits, custom clearance, veterinary. PetAir UK can make crates tailored to suit your pets, always to the best . Use the Pet Travel Scheme to make sure you comply with all the requirements and.

Taking your pet on an international trip requires proper documentation. A valid Passport allows owners to take their pets on holiday without quarantine on their return to the UK. How long is the passport valid? We do not accept any liability for any loss caused by your reliance on this guide. If you are going abroad and want to take your pet cat, dog or ferret with you, the Pet.

They might then be able to get early release if they can be shown to meet the. Cats, dogs and other rabies-susceptible animals that do not qualify for entry . Pet passports allow dogs and cats to travel to and from the UK, from. Firstly – do you actually want to take your dog?

How Easy Take Dog France dog passports UK. Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets that do not have an EU Pet Passport. Useful information when travelling abroad with your pet.