How many miles wide is hurricane harvey

Irma, with its hurricane-force winds extending miles out from its. At about 4miles wide , Irma is significantly larger an at least for now, a bit more. People view the flooded highways in Houston as the city battles with tropical storm Harvey and resulting floods.

Catastrophic flooding is hitting Houston as tropical storm Harvey continues to stall over land. Ex- hurricane Harvey : Houston flooded as catastrophe unfolds in Texas. Local officials said there were at least deaths in Texas so far that were . Hurricane Harvey Has Damaged at Least $Billion of Property in Just Two Texas Counties.

University of Colorado shows flooding across 2square miles. Many roads, including vital highways and parkways, were . Harvey could drop as much as inches of rain in some places, and up. The combination of wind and water could leave wide swaths of. Traffic on Interstate between San Antonio and Corpus Christi was backed up for miles Thursday.

Mangled metal and snapped wood are strewn across the park, which is busy. While many people have lost their homes to this disaster, the younger . So far , at least five people have died in Southeast Texas—and tens of . W, or about miles north-northeast of Alexandria, La.

Multiple locations have reported more than inches of rain as of. Here are just some of the rainfall totals seen across southeast Texas as of p. The flood area is so far and wide that it is acting like part of an ocean, . Greg Abbot said his state will need federal relief money far in excess of that total. Tropical Storm Harvey is very slowly creeping back toward the Gulf of Mexico. At least five deaths, and many more injuries, have been attributed to the storm. The eye of the storm has been about miles across and has generated extreme rainfall.

Devastating and life-threatening flooding is expected across the middle and. The NHC warns: Harvey is likely to bring multiple hazards, . Houston area (some kilometers, or miles , from the coast). Loop, and is bounded by the eighty-eight- mile-long Beltway 8. Florida is only about 1miles wide at its widest point, so this storm will . Their effects can span many hundreds of miles from the center.