How to clean up after a hurricane

Coconuts and palm fronds became flying missiles as the . The damage that natural disasters such as hurricanes , floods, and tornados leave. Wash hands with soap and water that has been boiled or disinfected after contact .

Houston remained floode and police there continued rescuing people . Guidelines on Clean – up After Flood. If you are unable to evacuate before the hurricane hits, STAY INDOORS. Do not be fooled by the eye of the hurricane and its temporary period of .

And our hurricane checklist will assist you in making . Cleanup work of any kind is hazardous, but flood conditions make it even more so. One man says he returned to his neighborhood in The Bahamas and found nothing but devastation. Tens of thousands are still without power.

After helping to clean up the area on Sunday morning, she felt ready to. After any type of flood situation, pool equipment should first be inspected and verified. This type of cleanup method should ensure the pool water is clean and. Three floods in about as many years.

Houston residents Israel Mustafa and Norma Perez are starting over again.

Video: Mexico counting the cost of the deadly quake as the clean – up begins. Clean food preparation utensils, dishes, and preparation areas after use. ServiceMaster just hired hundreds to clean up after the flooding in . Smart, Safe Storm Cleanup Tips. Hurricane Katia mudslide leaves two dead in Mexico after. Rimmer Covington: Dry the moisture up so that there is no.

In Mississippi and Alabama, the focus is on restoring . With moist condions, mold spores can grow and mulply. When starting the cleanup process, be careful, and use protective eyewear and gloves if available. Plus Sexual Follies: is cheap sex killing .