How to install lexan hurricane panels

Chief Engineer of Assured Storm Protection, Keith McBride, shows you how to install various types of. Aluminum Shutters Lexan Shutters Combination Shutters Shutter. Clear hurricane shutters made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate offer protection from the toughest storms while still letting light into your home. Polycarbonate Panels , one of the best DIY options are much more resistant to . We offer lexan clear hurricane panels. Thank you for putting our order together to allow us an easy install of our shutter system.

These storm panels are designed to comply with the Miami-Dade County, Florida. Simply follow the instructions in our Hurricane Panel Installation guide for the perfect fit every . RDC STORM PANELS ARE THE ONLY FIVE-WALL POLYCARBONATE. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CAN BE FOUND ON THE HARDWARE PAGE . Hurricane panels are also available manufactured of impact resistant Lexan. Lexan storm panels require studs top and bottom.

These systems include removable panels made of aluminum, steel and clear polycarbonate. Panels are cut to size and attached with anchors or tracks for easier assembly and installation. They can be attached to the structure with Panelmates that are permanently installed around the . What method of installation can be used with the panels ?