How to keep your car safe during a hurricane

If you decide to stay , the best thing you can do is move your car further inlan and to higher ground. Here are tips on how to take care of your car from Vehicles for Change. In order be as safe as possible during hurricane conditions, Ready.

If you need to evacuate quickly, your vehicle needs to be in safe working order. As hurricane season approaches, it is time to start to map out your plan to keep your car safe from damage. Perhaps the most obvious thing you will think of is to.

Keep your gas tank topped off and make sure the battery is in good condition in case you need to.

Avoid driving if at all possible during and after the storm. Just make sure you duct tape them down—the winds can pick up pretty quickly during hail storms. How to protect your place, your car , your pets, and everything else. Services has more tips and checklists for keeping your furry friend safe.

Park your car in the garage, out of the elements. Get prepared and keep your car safe during the hurricane with our life-saving guide. Hurricane Harvey will be here before you know it. Residents rushing to seek shelter for their cars are filling up parking garages across South Florida.

Irma storm , another thing to keep in mind is how to protect your car.

Putting up shutters, stocking up on water and taking in your. By preparing now, you can keep your family safe. WSJ Blogs) to stay safe : Stay in your car and try to find shelter — an overpass or parking garage — if.

Make sure to keep the signs of flood damage in mind when surveying . If you know that you may need to evacuate soon, move this tub to your car and have it ready to go in the . To conserve its battery, shut down your laptop and keep it plugged into . The following two-part hurricane and flood handbook gives you tips on how to. Supplies to make drinking water safe (like iodine tablets or chlorine bleach).