How to prepare a yacht for hurricane irma

Here are the best practices to prepare your boat for the upcoming hurricane Irma. Prepare your boat the best you can, and evacuate if possible. We know many are still dealing with the aftermath of Harvey – but we are now dealing with preparing for our own hurricane.

Hurricane Irma , as well as preparing for Hurricane Jose, . Tips from local marinas on how to secure your boat before Irma hits and how their preparing for the storm. Any decent hurricane plan for yachts is going to . Camden native, Michael Quantrell, has been living on his yacht for the last two.

The people of Texas are picking up the pieces after Harvey, Irma has had the Lowcountry . The smaller boats should come out of the water and moved to a . Tie the boat to the trailer and secure the boat to ground the best you can. Elaine Quijano reports on how one family is. A luxury yacht is seen submerged by rising sea waters after six others. Boat owners in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, work to secure their boats from potentially damaging waves.

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William “Harry ” Privette, said the boat would make runs until 12:p. Irma was set to make landfall in minutes. Garret Almedia (top) of Stuart, Mark Wallace (bottom left), of St. Until the hurricane has passed it is best to . Sydney-born yacht broker David Nichols, a longtime resident of Florida, said supermarket shelves were . URGENT: The Latest: Couple Rescued From Boat Trying to Ride Out.

Another Australian in Fort Lauderdale, yacht broker David Nichols, . Smaller boats were put on trailers and into storage. NPS is in the process of pulling all its boats and reports that . In response to your overwhelming offers .