How to prepare your house for a hurricane

Make sure your yard is clear and remove outdoor furniture, bikes, and any building materials that could rip off in high . When it comes to hurricane and storm preparation , now is always the . Jump to Fortifying Your Home – Ensure that your house insurance is up to date.

If you have more time to prepare your house , the DHS recommends . Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida — and possibly other states. These forces act together to literally break your house apart. Move any unsecured items in your yard – including patio furniture, lawn chairs, bird feeders, hanging plants, and toys – inside your house or garage if possible.

You should start outside your house. Everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected. Your friends and family may not be together when disaster strikes. How will you find each other? Preparing to fortify your home against hurricane damage ahead of time.

Hurricanes can be dangerous, listening to the hurricane warning messages and. Trim branches away from your home and cut all dead or weak branches on . The first is to have wind-resistant or hurricane windows. Keep portable generators dry and outside of the main house , ideally in a .

Things You Need to Do Now to Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season. So what exactly are you looking for on the top of your house ? Take photographs of damage to your house and the contents to . Put these items in the most secure area in your house , preferably on higher ground and away from . The real probleMold can be detrimental to your health, particularly if you have asthma or respiratory. The most important step is to know what you and your family will do in.

Disasters can strike anywhere. Help make sure your home is ready.