How to protect your house from a hurricane

Preparation and smart building strategies can help to protect your home from the wrath of hurricanes and tornadoes and high winds. Consider hurricane straps to ensure your roof is bolted to the rest of your house. And inspect your roof tiles or shingles to .

Hurricane housing impact on Houston borrowers 2:PM ET We . If you are near the coast, protect your windows with storm shutters or by. HURRICANE -PROOF YOUR KITCHEN WITH THESE THREE TIPS. Prepare your home for hurricane season by addressing common issues before the storm hits and investing in safeguards for your house.

Check thoroughly the roof of your house , hurricane shutters, hooks and latches. Plastic is essential to prevent important documents, paintings, equipment and . However, your garage is actually the most vulnerable part. On older homes , retrofit existing roofs with hurricane straps, gables, and end brackets. Clean gutters can prevent damage to your home during long periods of . As Florida residents prepare for the storm, the Red Cross offers tips on how to protect your home and family.

Whether with impact-resistant glass or shutters, protecting doors and windows against high winds and flying . Protect your windows and doors. Here are the steps you must take to protect your home.

We spoke to Graham Odom, assistant manager and handyman at the Lowe’s on Garners . There are other ways to protect your house yourself. Experts say the best way to protect your home from costly hurricane damage is to protect the areas in which wind can enter. A great time to hurricane your proof . Doing so will keep the monetary damage down on your house.

Boards on your windows provide . A variety of upgrades and retrofits can be completed to make homes safer. We have the details on how to protect your car, your home, your pet,.