How to stay safe during a tornado without a basement

Options range from seeking shelter in basements to interior. Follow these suggestions for preparing and staying safe. Myth 5: The Southwest Corner of Your Basement is the Safest Place to Hide.

Tornadoes can form quickly, striking before an official warning is issued. Error: No valid source could be found. Tornado Safety: How to Stay Safe During the Storm.

But being here puts you at risk of flying debris and lightning.

You want to be inside, away from windows. Go to the basement or an inside room without windows on the . If there is no basement , go to an inside room, without windows, on . Following these tips will keep you as safe as can be in the midst of 300mph winds. Make sure there are no windows or glass doors in your safe place and keep. Learn about the best places to seek shelter and how to protect yourself and stay safe during incoming storms.

Tornadoes have picked up objects and people and set them down without damage or injury. The most important thing to remember is to stay as far away from windows as possible. More on tornado safety here.

NARRATOR – Ideally, take the radio to the basement , and if there is no basement , remember to put . Stay tuned to the radio or television news. Identify safe rooms built to FEMA criteria or ICC5storm shelters or other potential. They may strike quickly, with little or no warning.

Watch the sky and stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television for information. Areas near rivers, lakes and mountains are safe from tornadoes. In homes without basements , take cover in the center part of the house, on the lowest floor,. Pay attention to weather information during the risk and keep an eye to the sky. There has been people killed inside there basement by tornadoes.

The SW corner is no safer than any other part of the basement , . I know that we meteorologists go over the tornado safety rules a. The number of very young children who know to dial 9during home.