How to stay safe during a tornado

Learn how to prepare, respond and recover from tornadoes. Turn on local TV, radio or NOAA Weather Radio and stay alert for warnings. Identify safe rooms built to FEMA criteria or ICC5storm shelters or other potential protective locations in sturdy.

Watch the sky and stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television for information. Avoid elevators and stay away from windows. Tornadoes generally track from . If you get caught on the roa use these tips to help stay safe.

Stay tuned to the radio or television news. Here are tips you can follow to stay safe before, during and after one of these fierce storms. Unfortunately, there are few proven ways to stay safe in the open if caught in a . Stay in car with seatbelt on and get below window level, . Learn about the best places to seek shelter and how to protect yourself and stay safe during incoming storms. Getting through and recovering quickly from the devastating effects of tornados often . If those are not available, . Take the quiz and learn tips on how to stay safe during earthquakes, tornadoes , blizzards, thunderstorms and flooding.

One basic rule is AVOID WINDOWS.

Do you know where to take shelter at work if severe weather strikes? Be prepared for thunderstorms or tornadoes with this safety checklist. During any storm, listen to local news or an NOAA Weather Radio to stay informed about. Mobile homes are not safe during tornadoes or other severe winds. As tornadoes hit the American Plains, officials are emphasizing steps residents can take to ensure they stay safe.

Those dangers can include tornadoes , strong winds, hail, wildfires and flash. Part of our job here at KSN is keeping track of storms. We all know you never want to get close to tornadoes.

So what do you do if you accidental get close?