How to survive a flash flood in a car

FEMA guidelines suggest that as little as six . TODAY national investigative. These dangerous weather occurrences can come .

Colorado residents in some areas remained at risk of flash floods , . Most of these deaths happen when people drive into flooded highway dips or low drainage areas. Saving your life can be as easy as turning your car around . If you see drivers stalling, or notice water reaching halfway up car wheels, do not proceed.

READ: Trapped in Flash Flood : Rescue Caught on Camera. So, what should you do to get out alive if your car is trapped in raging water? Instant Peril: Flash Floods (and How to Survive Them). Image via Everyone knows the age old saying “April showers bring May flowers. Abandon your vehicle if it is stuck.

The majority of flash flood deaths are vehicle related. Because flash floods usually take people by surprise, they appear . Winterizing Your Car for Snow and Ice in the Winter. These tend to overflow quickly in flash floods and are very dangerous.

Man and his dog rescued from car in Colorado flash flood. Seconds matter when you need to get. With increased rainfall and. Flash flooding is the number one cause of death during severe weather. If floodwaters rise around your car , abandon the car and move to higher ground if . For decades experts taught us the only way to survive was letting the car fill with water before . But as with all emergencies you can take quick controlled action to survive.

But then you are swept away. When your car sinks, there is over.