Hurricane 2016 names

They are now maintained and updated through a . The next named storm that forms this season will be named Colin. The Atlantic hurricane season had its destructive an frankly, weird aspects.

Hurricanes Igor and Tomas were retire and . Bill, Bonnie, Bret, Beryl, Barry, Bertha. Claudette, Colin, Cindy, Chris, Chantal . New Rochelle, NY – Find out what names are on tap for storms that.

Alex Bonnie Colin Danielle Earl Fiona Gaston Hermine Igor Julia Karl Lisa Matthew Nicole Otto Paula . Here is more information about retired hurricane names. From Alex to Wendy: How do hurricanes get their names and what names are coming up? Alex, Arlene, Alberto, Andrea, Arthur. But you might see some familiar names on the . Miami Dade Public Schools Vacation Calendar.

Doyle Rice, USA TODAY Published 1:p. Meteorologist Jason Meyers goes over the. For this reason, the names Matthew and Otto were retired and .

The storm, hurricane and cyclone names that have been retired and why. By Del Crookes Newsbeat reporter. Isis, the name of an Egyptian goddess, was supposed to be the name of the ninth tropical storm or hurricane to form in the eastern Pacific in . The names Matthew and Otto have been retired as tropical cyclone names.

Why do we name tropical storms and hurricanes ? Name , Date, Win Pres, Cat. Tropical Storm BONNIE, MAY-JUN, 4.