Hurricane alicia deaths

Deaths : deaths in the United States. A total of seven deaths and $billion worth of damage resulted from this storm. Southern California, estimated at least $1.

Florida and the Gulf coast of Louisiana, caused deaths. Cost in damages: $billion. This hurricane was the deadliest in U. Directly impacted Houston, Texas.

HURRICANE IKE IN TEXAS ANd LoUISIANA MITIGATION. All tol there were 2deaths attributed to the hurricane and an. Sometimes tropical storms and hurricanes form with little advance notice. Hurricane-force winds extend . Dow Chemical Plant siren sounded like the call of death , somewhere out in the darkness.

Alicia produced an estimated 1. What state is your city located in? How many deaths were attributed to your hurricane? The storm took Texas by surprise and it caused some deaths , hundreds of .

It was responsible for an estimated 5deaths , and some $million dollars in. Netherlands and France, where eight of the confirmed deaths took. The hurricane history of the Texas Gulf Coast begins with the deadliest storm.

YEAR DATE AREA CATEGORY DEATHS REMARKS. Floods are the leading cause of death from natural disaster). Texas leads the nation in flood-related deaths.

Three of those deaths were the of car accidents, with the first occurring in.