Hurricane alicia

Alicia was the third depression, the first tropical storm, and the . Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (0). Click the map to change the zoom level.

Learn more about what happened today on History. Hurricane Alisha ripped through the Gulf coast and hit land on Aug. The highest winds recorded on land were mph sustaine and gusts were up to 1mph.

The lowest barometric pressure recorded on land was 28.

In the Gulf of Mexico, about 1miles south of Louisiana on August 15th, an area of thunderstorms developed . TECHNICAL REPORT CERC-84-HURRICANE ALICIA STORM SURGE AND WAVE DATA by Andrew W. Original source is black and white photograph. Airborne Doppler radar measurements are used to determine the horizontal winds, vertical air motions, radar reflectivity and hydrometer fallspeeds over much of . Brazoria County, Chambers County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Harris County, Liberty County, Matagorda County, Montgomery County and San . Written on the Wind: The Media and Hurricane. Name, Date, Win Pres, Cat. Thanks to Jason Jack for submitting these photos.

Conditions were favorable for further development, and Alicia attained hurricane intensity by 6:PM on August 16.

This area if the Lone Star State is often struck by serious storms and hurricanes. Simmons, Congressional Research. I still remember Alicia like it was yesterday.

Was out most of the night as it slowly moved in. Spent most of the night with Don . Remnants of Hurricane Harvey are forecast to move into East Texas. This week marks the th anniversary of the landfall of hurricane Alicia , a storm which formed so quickly that it caught even experienced Gulf .