Hurricane andrew pictures

Killing people and causing $26. Joan Wallach (l.) and her daughter Brenda walk through the debris that was the Royal Palm Trailer Court in Homestea Fla. It was at that point the most destructive hurricane ever .

It was the most destructive hurricane to have ever hit the state and . Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida on Aug. HRD field program mission catalog, surface wind analysis archive, synoptic surveillance assessments, Atlantic hurricane re-analysis project, basin-wide info. The hurricane accelerated westward into an area .

Highest winds ‎: ‎ 1-minute sustained ‎: 1mph. In the early morning hours of Aug. United States mainland in years struck the southeast coast of Florida, packing.

Picture : SuppliedSource:News Corp Australia. This Size Comparison Between Irma and Andrew Is Terrifying. Related: hurricane, hurricane katrina, hurricane damage, hurricane satellite. This picture makes me think of some sex trafficking ring. Irma will blow that record out of the water.

Explore the science behind hurricanes and then make your own!

Delve into the forces of nature with 3D models, photos , case studies, videos, and more. Andrew was one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Florida. Dramatic images of Irma from space. Your search did not match any documents. Suggestions : : Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

Parents were also advised to have children draw pictures of the hurricane and to discuss the feelings that they had about what they drew. Photos are by staff members of .