Hurricane betsy 1956

Hg Highest winds ‎: ‎ 1-minute sustained ‎: 1mph. The storm had already pounded the Bahamas and Florida, and . Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (0).

Click the map to change the zoom level. The radar observations are used to obtain the detailed path of the hurricane . A tropical wave moved through the eastern tropical Atlantic on August 6th. The system organized relatively quickly .

I cants imagine living somewhere where that could happen. It mas the first hurricane to pass direct,ly. It caused the death of people and . This is considered one of the most intense hurricanes in the history of the Antilles and the strongest in.

PUERTO RICO BARES $2500LOSS IN HURRICANE BETSY. Name, Date, Win Pres, Cat. Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, Atlantic hurricane, 1 4 Atlantic.

Hurricane -BETSY , 9-AUG, 1. Vulnerable to hurricanes, with its levees ill maintaine and down town.

This historical perspective takes readers back to the Wilmington area of 1and years ago. The North Carolina Elections: The . Katrina, after all, was far from being the first major hurricane to hit New. Three or four major hurricanes are now predicted to form in what federal U. IN THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE BETSY , LUCILLE DUMINY MADE it to the American Red Cross office in New Orleans. When she finally reached the front . Multiple locations reported heavy .