Hurricane categories

Learn the difference between hurricane categories , and how it affects preparedness. It has prompted one of the largest . With enough advance warning though, cities and coastal areas can give residents the time they need . There are five types, or categories , of hurricanes. Hurricanes can unleash incredible damage when they hit. The categories are based on wind speed. Ranging from Category (the weakest hurricanes ) to Category (the strongest hurricanes ) the scale originally used storm surge and wind . Irma could potentially become just the fourth storm of that strength to barrel . HURRICANES are divided into categories based on their wind speed so the public can brace themselves for potential damage.

This is used to give an estimate of the . Damage primarily restricted to shrubbery, trees,. HURRICANE : A tropical cyclone with winds of mph and greater, and is usually accompanied by rain, thunder, lightning, storm surges, floods, and. There is the potential for Irma to ramp up to an even . Coast Flood Watch – Alert that wind-forced flooding is expected along low-lying coastal areas.

Coastal Flood Warnings – Warning that significant . The scale ranges from one to. The hurricane , which smashed through the Florida Keys earlier Sunday, made landfall again at Marco Island and is churning its way north . Petersburg area late on Sunday after devastating large portions . The most intense tropical cyclones are called major hurricanes , .