Hurricane charley wind speed

Figure – Wind Speed and Direction Graphic. Map created by Amy Hoyt, Lee County GIS, BOCC. Ship reports of winds of tropical storm force associated with Charley are.

Charley into the Florida coastline with winds of only mph. Surface wind speed arrows are also shown, with counter clockwise rotation of. Roads have been widened to speed up evacuation.

Hurricanes Charley , Frances and Jeanne.

Areas affected ‎: ‎ Jamaica ‎, ‎ Cayman Islands ‎, Cub. Orlando, moving north-northeast near mph and gaining speed. The hurricane scenarios that are the worst-case for four Florida cities.

That means Irma could lead to Charley -like wind damage over a . The wave continued to travel westerly, picking up speed and steadily. One day later, stirring winds between to miles per hour, the . The map shows the highest wind speeds were located across . The area also has updated its power gri widened roads to speed up . Arcadia sustained winds of 1mph.

We estimated hazards of overall . Highest Sustained Wind Speed : 1mph. The scale is determined by wind speed. The sustained winds were estimated to be 1mph with gusts up to 180. Harvey lashes Texas coast with high win torrential rain. Charley had the highest winds of any hurricane making landfall in the.

Depending on the sea temperature and the wind speeds , it is then . We explain the relatively small surge on the basis of the direction and speed of.