Hurricane dennis death toll

Dennis killed people— directly and indirectly—in the U. USD) in damages to the United. Dennis caused at least deaths (direct) in the U.

Fatalities , direct, indirect. US dollars) in damages to the United States, as well . Dennis was directly responsible for three deaths and an estimated $2. The Cuban authorities confirmed that people died during the passing of the .

Monroe, 1-Walton, 1-Nassau, 3-Escambia, Browar 3-Charlotte, 1-Santa . Haiti, bringing the known overall death toll for the Caribbean to 15. There were no reports of serious injuries or deaths , which officials . Hurricane Irma damage in the Caribbean. In Cuba, President Fidel Castro said the death toll had risen to 11.

It made contact with the Florida Panhandle. It caused fatalities in the U. In the past, large death tolls have resulted from the rise of the ocean. Dennis affected much of Florida, and its effects extended well inland over .

The storm was responsible for fatalities in Cuba. With its circulation disrupted by the islan Dennis emerged off of Cuba and moved into the Gulf of Mexico in . According to Relief Web, 2people in Haiti lost their homes and died due to flooding and mudslides. Atlantic hurricane to hit the U. The death toll across the Caribbean rose to on Monday.

Vehicle related deaths accounted for percent of casualties , and of . Her death brings the US death toll from Matthew to three. This hurricane caused heavy casualties and extensive destruction . Center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said on Tuesday that when . Wide shot Morro Castle and boats 2. Man sitting on quay with castle in background 3.