Hurricane drink new orleans

This original rum and fruit drink is delicious and perfect for summer. Combine all ingredients , mix well (shake or stir). Pour over crushed ice in hurricane glass.

Set on fire table-side or served over . This stand out drink is served all over the French Quarters in New Orleans. Today the drink is as popular as ever! Drink costs vary, depending on which bar you are in.

A must-make Mardi Gras drink. Hurricane as ruining the nuanced magic of the drink. February is Fat Tuesday, which means Mardi Gras celebrations are incoming. All of America should join in drinking the New Orleans drink : . Another night, another drink , a few more stumbles—all in the nightlife of Bourbon. Are you wondering where to go out for drinks in New Orleans ? The traditional recipe is actually pretty simple – just two kinds of rum, some passion fruit syrup and lime juice.

This is the classic recipe, but others add an. Red Drink ( no one knows what exactly is in hurricane mix), Rum and .

Of course the official drink of hurricane season is the hurricane , but we. Anyone who has spent any time in New Orleans should be familiar with the bright re potent drink carried all through the French Quarter in . The original hurricane had three ingredients : dark rum, passion fruit syrup,. Best enjoyed through small straw. I had to come to New Orleans myself and sample the official drink of. It will transform transport you to the French Quarter!

Old New Orleans Amber Rum, Grenadine, Orange and Pineapple Juices.