Hurricane evacuation procedures

A thorough evacuation plan. Please listen carefully for the direction of the storm by the National Weather Service. For example: Information will be given in .

Emergency evacuation is the urgent immediate egress or escape of people away from an area. If evacuation orders are given too early , the hurricane can change course and leave the evacuated area unscathed. EMERGENCY REPORTING AND EVACUATION PROCEDURES.

The time to be prepared and make evacuation plans is now.

Start by reviewing our hurricane evacuation maps below and selecting an evacuation route for you. A catastrophic incident is defined as Any natural or manmade incident, including terrorism, that in . These county-wide evacuation route and zone maps are based upon the most up -to-date regional evacuation studies and are intended for . Evacuation routes have been identified for the Myrtle Beach area. Together, they create evacuation plans to fit the needs and peculiarities of . This means that the hurricane season is upon us and all personnel should be vigilant.

Once notified by the proper authority, evacuation procedures will begin. An evacuation plan should be created and reviewed with all participants every year. When forming an evacuation plan , here are some things to .

These Procedures are solely intended to supplement that responsibility to the. This evacuation plan is intended to avoid unnecessary evacuation if some zones. The growing population of South Florida has caused emergency managers to rethink their evacuation plans. Have an alternate plan of evacuation , if necessary. UNCW has faced many hurricanes and tropical storms since its founding, and.

It is advised that you begin evacuation procedures before an evacuation order is . If an evacuation is ordered you need to be ready to leave. Most importantly, evacuate immediately if told to do so. Hurricane Preparedness Standard Operating Procedures.