Hurricane evacuation

Florida begins to evacuate and prepare for Irma . But where are the evacuation zones? Find out if your home is in an evacuation zone by viewing evacuation zone maps or by calling 2-1-and speaking with an operator.

If you live along the coast, . Planning ahead is vital to ensuring that . How will these new zones enhance current evacuation plans, boost public safety and improve travel efficiency in the event of hurricanes or other disasters? In order to know when to evacuate for hurricane surge flooding, you must KNOW YOUR ZONE!

Keep in min you evacuate to avoid deadly surge flooding. Evacuation Routes and Zones. The category five hurricane is something that people are understandably . North Carolina hurricane and nuclear power plant evacuation routes.

In Georgia, communities closest to the Atlantic coast are organized into evacuation zones based . How to find out if you are in an evacuation zone. HURRICANE EVACUATION ROUTES. HART buses run special evacuation routes for people who need transportation to shelters.

Shelters: The Red Cross is opening these hurricane shelters in South Carolina to help with Irma.

The time to be prepared and make evacuation plans is now. Start by reviewing our hurricane evacuation maps below and selecting an evacuation route for you. Hurricane Irma now threatens southern Georgia.

No evacuation order currently in effect. The region has four areas, classified based on their level of threat from storm surge. These destructive storms can . While no evacuations have been ordered so .