Hurricane felix 1995

The seventh tropical cyclone, sixth named storm, and . Max Mayfield and Jack Beven. Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (8). Click the map to change the zoom level. Felix is producing five to eight-foot storm surges along the Outer Banks.

Both systems affected northwest Europe but only Iris developed . THE DAY THE BEACHES CLOSED – AUG. Hurricane FELIX , 8-AUG, 12 92 4. Duration, August – August 22. The storm carried mph winds as it edged toward Cape Hatteras, N. Wednesday, a mere 1miles south of . The system initially formed near the Cape Verde Islands reaching tropical . EarthWatch Communications, Inc. Aug 15th, hurricane Felix with 80mph winds brushes miles to the S. Weather forecasters issued hurricane watches and . Atlantic major hurricane is given both as the. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE HURRICANE SEASON.

The show that the hurricane prediction of Felix was improved greatly. The official hurricane season in Bermuda is between June to November. The accuracy of hurricane intensity forecasts has lagged the accuracy of.

We seem to be hurricane magnets,” Mr Adam said. JACKSON TIMES STAFF WRITER.