Hurricane gustav path

Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (51). Click the map to change the zoom level. Since its formation in the Caribbean Sea, it has battered Haiti, Jamaica , and Cuba on its west-northwest path toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Its projected path also takes it over the oil-producing Gulf of Mexico,. New Orleans, Louisiana, is at the center of the projected path. National Hurricane Center estimated the costs in.

Haiti, making landfall on Jamaica on August 28.

Gustav and is expected to take damage. The rice and banana farms sustained much damage. Including pets in evacuation planning is key to saving both human and animal lives.

Petfinder wants to hear from Gulf state residents in the path of the storm. To all those in the path of the storm, I wish you well and Godspeed. Dont dawdle if you are in the predicted path.

However, the most recent path of toward the SW is rather interesting and is not part of. MSNBC – Shows the path , points along the path with additional information, timeline intensity, . Once we saw that the projected.

United States with no path back to the city they love. Talk to you all later when you . Tropical Depression Harvey still has Atlantic weather watchers guessing as of mid-day Wednesday. We really could not be sure what path this huge hurricane would follow so most . Our thoughts and prayers remain with those in the path of Hurricane . Ike would take during its time in the gulf.

PROJECTED PATH IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. Hurricanes Dennis and Wilma both made landfall in Florida while Ophelia skirted the coast of.