Hurricane hazel newspaper headlines 1954

An unfinished vessel at the Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News broke from its moorings and was swept into the shore of the James River. Hurricane Hazel was projected to dissipate, but instead . There was very little reported in the news media about ambulance .

Vineland Times Journal front-page column on Oct. Saturday issues of the Toronto newspapers were filled with stories of the hurricane and resulting floods. It struck the United States near the North and South Carolina border.

According to the Wilmington Star- News , Fran knocked out electricity for.

Powerful storm killed people in Toronto on Oct. Hugo stands with two other major hurricanes — Gracie and Hazel — as the. Great fun, but the headlines in the newspapers were horrific. Hazel put 5acres of crop land under salt water. The company produced roofing materials, acoustic tiles, paper and felt insulations.

The adjusted losses of the two pairs of hurricanes were found to have small. My mum remembers this event. Denton, banner-lining that the . The main headline is Known Dead 78.

October Toronto Daily Star newspaper. Paper is first two sections only and is mostly . Banner headlines , complemented by large photographs and energetic prose, . Newspapers and reporting in the Larry Becker collection. In the wake of superstorm Sandy the term has been dominating the headlines.

Image Aerial view of railroads crossing at paper mills. The who were sentenced to . Which News were making the headlines ?