Hurricane hazel

The storm killed at least 4people in Haiti before striking the. Hurricane Hazel was projected to dissipate, but instead . Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (1).

Click the map to change the zoom level. It was one of the greatest natural disasters to ever affect the state. October Hazel brought winds reaching 1kilometres an hour and at least 2millimetres of rain falling every 48 . Hazel hit hard from Jamaica to Canada, killing .

Canadian history struck Southern Ontario. By October 11th it crossed over Haiti leaving up to . Wakelin Court, showing Woodbridge Trailer Camp (Vaughan, Ontario). Basing their decisions on past flood . Joyce Scammel and Mayor Mike Smith receive Trillium certificate and plaque. While the Atlantic hurricane season has been relatively tame . Those who were around still . Hampton Roads, wreaking havoc from Suffolk and Norfolk all . Included in the latest batch of Francis B.

North Carolina uses to gauge other storms. During the storm, winds reached . Whereas most hurricanes strike in August . Streets were floode bridges and houses were washed . It can be up to 600miles across. Book cover of Humber River, looking w. It also hit Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. Raymore Drive air shots and . But, I also want to remind you that it was in fact the .