Hurricane hugo pictures

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Little known to us at the time, damage had already happened at our beach house in Long Beach on Oak Islan . WCIV) – The most moving part of Hugo will always be the pictures. Gallery of 1photos taken by The State photographers in the aftermath of the . Information on the track of hurricane Hugo and its affects on the lives and property of those who.

We were forced to leave hours before it hit. Hurricane Hugo Satellite Picture – east of the Lesser Antilles. Charleston with winds of 1miles per hour. We would like to take you back to those days, weeks and months and provide a . The storm, which struck years ago Sunday, tore . Unfortunately, none of my photos in Washington, DC came out. Here are pictures of the strongest and most famous hurricanes in modern history.

Croix last Sunday, it buried the island in rubble and unearthed some longstanding racial tensions at the same time. While other islands hit by Hugo saw some looting in the storm`s aftermath, it was only on St.

Hugo is ranked as the eleventh most intense hurricane to strike the US this . National Geographic Society. Image by: NOAA Shows the time when the eye of hurricane Hugo was over. Hugo hours prior to landfall in Eastern Puerto Rico winds 140mph(120kts) . These photographs document the. That was the most common refrain heard by Goose Creek Mayor Michael Heitzler in the aftermath of the fiercest hurricane. Pictures you may see now do not adequately describe . Photos : Devastating hurricanes of the last years.

Death toll directly attributed to Hugo was 50: in the U. Share your photos and videos. Upload Your Photos or Videos.