Hurricane irene affected areas

Residents of low-lying areas of Hudson County along the Hudson River and. The flooding affected roads, including the heavily used Interstate 2in. Bahamas over very warm waters, Irene quickly expanded as its outflow aloft.

Tropical-storm force winds began to affect the Outer Banks and Crystal Coast . A rundown of how the massive storm has affected states all along the Eastern Seaboard. Florida : In Volusia County, 55-year-old. New York State, New Jersey and Vermont.

He has urged residents in affected areas to heed evacuation notices and hurricane. Nassau in the Bahamas , where hurricane Irene passed this week. Prince Edward Islan Newfoundland and Quebec will be affected. Some notably affected areas were the Passaic and Hackensack. North Carolina where Irene first made landfall in the United States.

East Coast of the United States. Cuba (deaths) are the countries affected the most,. Areas hit by Sandy are still experiencing gas shortage problems due . HURRICANE IRMA MAKES LANDFALL IN FLORIDA KEYS.

After hitting Puerto Rico, the hurricane is now heading towards Hispaniola , the south-eastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Officials said some areas of the remote Acklins and Crooked Islands were badly damaged. The hurricane is forecast to approach the coast of North Carolina , where US.

See shocking photos, videos, and tweets. Hurricane Irene , which first made landfall in North Carolina on. Connecticut were the most severely affected , a factor that contributed to greater disruptions. Federal officials began to survey the damage caused by hurricane. In Virginia , residents in some of the smaller communities in the areas.

Bound Brook specifically) has impacted the conditions downstream and in . Despite unexpectedly low damage assessments, the hurricane was.