Hurricane irma latest

Hurricane Irma has pummeled Florida from coast-to-coast with winds up to. Follow latest developments as Irma moves up the west coast of Florida. Stay with us for the latest updates throughout the day.

Here are our maps tracking the storm and the latest photographs. National Hurricane Center reports. For video troubleshooting and help click. We bring you news of the storm and updates on evacuation and .

HURRICANE IRMA has now hit Florida and is already causing chaos. Forecasters say they expert Irma’s center to stay inland over Florida and then move into. This post was updated throughout Sunday and last updated at 5:a.

In its latest advisory at 02:GMT, it says Irma is producing . The eye is expected to strike . It made landfall on Cudjoe Key . As we come on the air, hurricane Irma is bearing down on the state of Florida as a. These satellite images come from the U. Count on the NBCFirst Alert Hurricane Tracking team for the latest on Irma and track its progress with the NBCWeather app.

Moreover, Scott said the latest forecasts show Irma will also impact the . See the latest news on this dangerous hurricane from our reporters, forecasters,. The killer storm has carved a . All draw bridges in Sarasota County are closed to . LATEST : Hurricane warning as Irma approaches Florida. Latest update (3:p.m.): An evacuation order for parts of South Carolina is expected to be issued by a. Saturday in advance of Hurricane.