Hurricane irma storm path florida

Here is the current, real-time satellite view of the storm. The 400-mile-wide (640-kilometer-wide) storm blew ashore in the. At least people have died after the storm has already ravaged the Caribbean.

Because of the shift in the most likely storm track to the west, Miami . Irma Moves NW: Big Cities Still in the Path. On Friday, the projected path kept edging west, making the risk in the . The storm has tornado -strength winds.

Sunday, the eye of Irma was 40 . HUGE WAVES SURROUND MIAMI AS HURRICANE IRMA APPROACHES. Tampa and St Petersburg in the path of the storm. At this rate, the storm remains only . Florida is in the path of the hurricane , . The monster hurricane passed through Barbuda early Wednesday morning.

Hurricane Irma : Brevard County could feel tropical storm winds . Irma is not absolutely known at this time, we . A storm surge has also been issued for the same area.

Rebecca Harrington, provided by . Deficient bridges stand throughout the likely path of Irma, including those that . It was occupied by Irma Cordero and her family. The Deadliest, Costliest, and Most Intense U. Hispaniola squarely in the path of both the early season tropical storms that . Rick Scott: You cannot survive the storm surge. Communications went down as the storm slammed into the islands, and the extent . Palm Beach — the unofficial Southern White House — sits in the path of the storm.